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Waxing Moon Beeswax Orb Candle

Waxing Moon Beeswax Orb Candle

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A beeswax candle shaped like the moon. This candle burns very brightly and for 50+ hours. The candle was cast in a mould and hand dipped in wax to finish. 

This beeswax was harvested by Yves Ginat of Miellerie from the ancient forests of lutruwita’s west coast. The beeswax is mostly extracted from leatherwood honey and has the most beautiful aroma.

Burn your candles away from drafts to avoid drips and prolong its life. You can maintain the shape and prevent tunnelling by moulding the edges of the candle in after each burn. Expect some imperfections and differences between each candle due to their handmade nature. 

250g of pure beeswax

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